The Asset Management Division plans and organises actions for the best use and commercial exploitation of the OTE Group’s property portfolio. Within this framework, it is active in the following areas: 

  • Business planning for the commercial exploitation of the OTE Group's real estate portfolio
    • Evaluation and prioritisation of properties according to degree of commerciality and suitability for being put on the market.
    • Developing business cases, with the goal of selecting the best scenarios for commercial exploitation.
  • Implementation of the commercial exploitation strategy for the Group’s property
    • Leasing of properties through the development of partnerships with a broad portfolio of clients corresponding to the profile of the Company’s property. Some examples are: Η&Μ, REGUS, INDITEX, MY MARKET, ANEDYK KRITIKOS, Express MARKET, GALERIE DE BEAUTE, RODOULA SA and others.
    • Sale of properties that no longer serve the OTE Group’s telecommunications needs.
  • Space Management
    • Satisfying the physical space needs of all the OTE Group’s services and coordination of employee movements. 
    • Design of internal configurations according to the office needs of employees and the digital management of spatial designs based around employees and the necessary equipment.
  • Management of Private Property Lease Agreements
    • Management of private property lease agreements to third parties and OTE Group subsidiaries.
    • Management of private property lease agreements that OTE Group companies lease from third parties in order to cover their accommodation needs.
  • Supervision of valuations of the OTE Group's property portfolio  
    • For lease purposes 
    • For sales purposes
    • For the purposes of the annual review of the valuation of ΟΤΕestate’s property portfolio, in accordance with IFRS.
  • SAP, GIS, Document Management

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